5 effective natural methods for the treatment of Helicobacter Pylori and stomach ulcers.

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Stomach ulcers were once called the director’s disease. It was believed that ulcers (stomach and duodenum) were a result of a stressful lifestyle and unsystematic nutrition. Today it is known that people who lead a peaceful life also suffer from it. It was considered that the direct cause of ulcers is hyperacidity, i.e. excess stomach acid, especially hydrochloric acid, which has strong corrosive properties. 

Helicobacter pylori come first among the causes of stomach ulcers – a bacterium that can be infected by ingestion or through contact with saliva. 

Here are some methods for h pylori natural treatment.


1. H Pylori Tea

Helicobacter Pylori herbal tea is a patented medicinal product against helicobacter pylori. Its effectiveness in killing bacteria has been confirmed by the scientific team of Medical University of Lublin.

The composition of H Pylori tea combines all the benefits of medicinal properties of dried herbs. For example:

Purple Echinacea

North America is a natural habitat for purple coneflower. Hovever, it is also succesfully cultivated in Europe and Asia. It is distinguished by its unusual properties, including primarily:
  • immunostimulating;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • antioxidant;
  • regenerating the skin;
  • relieving acute cough;
  • enhancing the body’s overall immunity;
  • complementing the care of acne and mature skin.


The most valuable parts of chamomile are its flowers. They are rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as ingredients such as flavonoids, polyacetylenes and choline. Thanks to this, chamomile is distinguished by the action of:
  • relaxing the smooth muscles of the digestive system;
  • accelerating wound healing;
  • antibacterial properties;
  • stimulating metabolism.

Pepper mint

This plant has been known in folk medicine for many years. Peppermint is basically a must in every kitchen. In addition to its taste, it is distinguished by valuable activity, and above all:
  • improving appetite;
  • stimulating intestinal peristaltic movements;
  • preventing flatulence and constipation;
  • having a calming effect;
  • antipruritic effect;
  • having local anesthetic capabilities;
  • accelerating the healing of ulcers and herpes;
  • anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

The product was created primarily for the treatment and prevention of Helicobacter pylori.

Application. Our herbal tea is recommended to be used 2 to 3 times a day. Too high a concentration of active substances can be harmful to health, as with all herbs. The infusion can be made very simple, because you just pour a measured amount of dried tea into a glass, pour boiling water and keep covered for 5 to 10 minutes.

Remember that if herbs are to retain their medicinal properties, they must be free of chemical contaminants. Never buy herbs if they are not tested for the presence of pesticides.

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2. Honey-aloe vera wine

Significantly reduces the production of hydrochloric acid and has bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties.

Preparation method: Measure the 500g of leaves and then put them in the fridge for 7-10 days. Wash, cut the spikes, skin, and crush. Add 0.5 l of red wine and 500 g of honey. Mix, leave for 2-3 days. Strain, pour into bottles, put in the fridge. The treatment is divided into three stages. For the first 3-4 weeks, drink one teaspoon of wine 3 times a day. During the next 3-4 weeks, increase the dose to a tablespoon 3 times a day. For the last 3-4 weeks, return to the dose of a teaspoon 3 times a day. After a two-week break repeat the treatment.

3. A proper diet

The diet for those suffering from stomach ulcers should be primarily based on cooked products, not fried. Avoid fatty, heavy, spicy and too hot foods as well as carbonated drinks. You should eat five light meals every 2-3 hours and drink plenty of water. Try to eliminate stimulants such as alcohol, coffee and cigarettes.

4. Linseed drink

Flaxseed, linseed

After soaking in water,  linseeds swell and are surrounded by a thick layer of oily mucus. These properties very effectively help in protecting and increasing the humidity of the gastrointestinal mucosa, protecting it from intense concentrations of digestive juices. This effect is especially important for hyperacidity, inflammation and peptic ulcer, as it reduces local reactions to irritation.

Preparation method: Soak a tablespoon of linseed for a few hours in a glass of water. Then pour into a pot and put it on fire. Cook covered for about 15 minutes. When the decoction cools down, drink sips throughout the day, between meals.

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5. Use of probiotics

Probiotics are living organisms that help restore the balance of bacteria in the digestive tract. In addition to helping to achieve optimal bowel conditions, they can help treat ulcers. They can reduce the amount of Helicobacter pylori, accelerate the healing process and reduce some symptoms. Sauerkraut juice and pickled cucumber juice are good sources of probiotics. They mustn’t contain vinegar.

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