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Herbs of the Saints

Our company has been selling natural herbs and mixtures for eight years. In our offer you will find mainly products from ecologically clean regions of Europe. All herbs are tested for the presence of harmful substances in our laboratory before they go on sale to ensure the highest quality.

Our products

Where all these products come from

The Lublin region is one of the most picturesque places in Poland. Known for its fertile lands and beautiful landscapes, it stands out against the background of other regions in the country with the largest tracts of greenery and arable land. It includes extensive forests, meadows and wild areas where nature grows luxuriantly without human intervention. This is conducive to plant breeding in a natural and ecological environment.

Laboratory tested herbs

Our products are subjected to thorough laboratory tests for the presence of pesticides and other harmful substances to ensure the highest efficiency of their operation. These are herbs with restorative properties that have a real impact on the proper functioning of the human body. The action of these herbs has been scientifically confirmed and they are a natural substitute for products commonly available in pharmacies.

Natural Herbs

Years of experience

The right selection of herbs is crucial. Over the years, we have developed recipes for herbal mixtures to combine their best properties creating organic products with a defined area of action. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our unique range.

Mixtures of Herbs