A simple guide to strengthen your immunity

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How to deal with periods of increased morbidity?

The autumn and spring solstice times are the most treacherous moments for health. Reduced immunity, stress, rapid changes in weather (and temperature) – all this can result in a greater susceptibility to “catching” viruses and bacteria that cause disease. According to the principle “prevention is better than cure” we share several principles that should be followed every day to minimize risk and strengthen immunity!

How to reduce the risk of getting sick?

Most diseases (caused by both viruses and bacteria) are transmitted by droplets. At the peak of the illness season, you must keep this in mind and, above all, avoid direct contact with people who may be sick, i.e.

  • sneeze
  • cough
  • they have watery eyes and a runny nose.

During this period it is worth avoiding clusters of people and keeping a distance from other people – preferably about 1-1.5 meters.

It’s good to have an antibacterial gel or handkerchiefs in your purse/pocket and wipe your hands – especially if you touched, for example, the handles on the bus, the door of the public toilet or other common objects, if you can’t wash your hands with soap and water right away.

After returning home, it’s best to immediately take off your shoes and outerwear, wash your hands and wipe your phone, wallet and other items that you used outside. If you do not have special disinfectants, a handkerchief or an alcohol-based liquid moistened with an antibacterial agent will also suffice.

Therefore, the most important element of prevention is compliance with hygiene rules. The second is to strengthen immunity.

How to protect yourself against viruses?

Various health-threatening and unpleasant consequences such as influenza, AIDS or smallpox are caused by viruses, not bacteria.

While bacterial infections can be treated with appropriately selected pharmacological agents, the body has to deal with viruses by itself – there is no cure for viruses. In the case of a disease caused by the virus, symptomatic treatment can be carried out, i.e.

  • painkillers;
  • antipyretics;
  • preparations strengthening the immune system.

Ultimately, however, the body must get rid of the pathogen itself. Strengthening the immune system already during the disease will not bring such effects as earlier preparation for the fight against threats.

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Strengthening immunity – the most important principles

That is why prophylaxis in this respect should be started much earlier. How? You don’t need much to strengthen your immune system. Just:

  • healthy eating – avoiding processed foods, including fruit and vegetables in the diet. The best is the Mediterranean diet or its model;
  • avoiding drugs – alcohol, tobacco, excess coffee;
  • sleeping – a minimum of 7-8 hours of peaceful sleep is enough to not only recharge the batteries for the whole day, but also to strengthen the body and the immune system;
  • maintaining normal bacterial flora in the digestive and digestive system – this is a natural protective barrier;
  • taking vitamin C – strengthens the immune system and seals blood vessels;
  • cleansing the body of toxins – preferably with natural methods, such as infusions of herbs, and preferably with a properly composed mixture of herbs.

It is worth using a combination of the properties of different plants. Cleansing the body of toxins (which accumulate, for example, as a result of an inadequate diet or living in a city with a high degree of air pollution) helps to significantly relieve the immune system – it does not have to fight these threats and can “deal” with the disposal of bacteria and viruses.

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Herbs that cleanse and strengthen the immune system

What herbs are worth drinking? Cleansing and strengthening properties, and also combating viruses and bacteria, have above all:

This natural blend with excellent properties can be found in Immunity Boost Herbal Tea and Helicobacter Pylori Herbal Tea.

Just prophylactic consumption in doses recommended by the manufacturer, especially in the period of increased morbidity, to protect against the disease, or at least significantly alleviate its course.

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