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Anti-rheumatic Lumbago Organic Tea 1.76 oz (50g)

(7 customer reviews)

Anti-rheumatic Lumbago Organic Tea

  • Product with organic certificate

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Herbs background

What is Anthi-rheumatic lumbago organic tea?

A composition of the highest quality, carefully selected, ecological herbs.

Anthi-rheumatic lumbago organic tea properties

  • Comarum palustre, may improves the condition and mobility of joints, protects and renews cartilage;
  • Willow, may supports the health of muscles and joints;
  • Nettle, may shows anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Ash tree, may relieves rheumatic pains and may supports the locomotor system, also may helps maintain flexible muscles, joints and tendons.


Golden rod, Comarum Palustre, Cirsium, Birch leaf, Nettle, Willow bark, Oats, Ash weed, Spiraea, Polygonum aviculare, Ash tree


Pour 1 sachet of tea with a glass of boiling water and leave it, covered, to infuse for about 10-15 minutes. Drink twice a day.

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Weight 50 g



Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Anti-rheumatic Lumbago Organic Tea 1.76 oz (50g)

  1. Zeba

    I feel more mobile in my daily routine.

  2. Derloy

    It’s a natural and organic solution that has helped me manage my chronic back pain.

  3. Yolandra

    It’s like a warm hug for my spine. 🙂

  4. Rick

    The carefully selected organic ingredients work wonders in soothing my aches and reducing inflammation.

  5. Leslie

    A quality product that offers genuine comfort.

  6. Selvam

    When I came across the Anti-rheumatic Lumbago Organic Tea, I was intrigued but also cautiously optimistic. However, after incorporating it into my daily routine, I can genuinely say that it has made a remarkable difference. Regular consumption of this tea has gradually contributed to reducing the frequency and intensity of my lumbago episodes, allowing me to regain some of the mobility and freedom that I had been missing.

  7. Nana

    Tried the Anti-rheumatic Lumbago Organic Tea on a whim. Now it’s not just in my tea collection; it’s basically my lumbago’s new BFF. 🙂

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