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Bergamot Essential Oil 100% 10ml

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Bergamot – Essential Oil

Citrus Aurantium Bergamia

  • ​may have an impact on well-sleeping​
  • may show antistress effects
  • might be helpful for stomach problems
  • used in cosmetics for skin
  • 100% natural

Natural bergamot oil characterized by a fresh, citrus and tea scent

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Essential Oils

Bergamot Essential Oil 100%

Bergamit Essential Oil

What is Bergamot Essential Oil 100% ?

Bergamot generally grows in Italy. It’s really rarely seen cistus fruit, but we should haver eys on it, From possible help for digestive issues to likely decrease stress.

Treatment Properties

  • may improve falling in sleep,
  • could decrease stress level,
  • might help for digestive issues
  • the essential oil may help a lot for skin problems such as:
    • hives,
    • psoriasis,
    • eczema

We offer you extremely strong chemical substances of plant origin, so in order to avoid irritation, use them carefully and after appropriate dilution. The most popular methods of using oils are:
inhalations – add a few drops to a bowl with hot water or an inhaler and inhale water vapor with active substances
baths – depending on the oil, add a few drops to the water and take a therapeutic bath
massages – rub the oil after diluting it in the base oil in appropriate proportions depending on the oilEach of our oils can be used in a dozen or so other ways, we encourage you to read the specialist literature on aromatherapy, for sure everyone will find an application suitable for their body and ailments.

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    Great size at a great price.

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