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Ceramic Grinder, refillable – Various spices

(8 customer reviews)
  • Ceramic grinder
  • Grain thickness adjustment
  • Easy refilling
  • Product with organic certificate


Ceramic Grinder

For lovers of cooking, the taste and quality of each ingredient from which they prepare the dish are very important. Nonetheless, spices are important. It is not only about the right match of the type and amount of spices to a particular dish, but also about their quality. Seasoning dishes is the icing on the cake, ideally crowning the work (because cooking is an art, and dishes are often real masterpieces!). The taste of the dish depends to a large extent on them. Therefore, when choosing spices, even such basic ones as salt or pepper, it is worth guided not only by their price and quantity but above all by quality. This is the key to success!

Ground spices

In what form will the spices be the best? Freshly ground! Thanks to this, they keep the full flavour and expressiveness of the aroma. How do you always make yourself fresh and full of aromas? The solution is a ceramic grinder in which you can pour salt and pepper and grind them just before adding to the dish. It’s so simple!

Ceramic grinder high quality herbsofthesaints

Refillable Ceramic Grinder

It is commonly known that details determine the effect. Therefore gadgets. including kitchen ones should be selected in a way that makes them complement each other with the arrangement of the kitchen.

Modern Design

Glass Container

Steel reinforced ring


Adjustment ofgrinding thickness

High durabilityof materials

One grinder provides functionality for many years. Easy opening and closing mean that you can complement it with any spice in a few moments.

Ceramic Grinder

Wide offer of refills

You will find a wide range of refills, thanks to which cooking will gain a completely new and professional dimension. Your dishes will be unique and irreplaceable in taste. What can you refill our ceramic grinder with? We offer various types of salt, pepper and mixtures of spices for every occasion.

Check our refills
Organic Himalayan Salt with Chilli Refill
Organic Seasoning for Grilled Vegetables Refill
Organic Smoked Salt with Herbs Refill
Organic Seasoning for Vegetarian Grill Refill
Organic Himalayan Salt for Salads Refill
Organic White Himalayan Salt Refill
Organic Himalayan Salt for Meat and Sauces Refill
Organic Coarse Sea Salt Refill
Organic Color Pepper Grain Refill
Organic Himalayan Salt for BBQ Refill
Organic Black Pepper Grain Refill
Organic Himalayan Garlic Salt Refill
Organic Pink Himalayan Salt Refill
Organic Black Himalayan Salt Refill
Organic Himalayan Salt with ECO Herbs Refill
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Our Ceramic Grinder also has the option of adjusting the grinding thickness, thanks to which you can season each dish precisely.


Clients feedback

Awesome Design

Compact and looks great in my kitchen

Bernard S.

About refilling

It is easier than I expected! The best grinder to refill from grinders I had before from other shops

Alice C.

I recommend!

It is so quiet that you barely hear any scraping and crunching. Seems very solid

Tamina A.
Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Ceramic Grinder, refillable – Various spices

  1. Christina

    Not only do they function amazingly they also look amazing!

  2. Ahmed

    Very solidly built feels solid in hand. Good capacity for pepper. Very consistent grind size once adjusted to my liking.

  3. Michelle

    This is a good pepper grinder. It is easy to change the size of the grind and turns smoothly. I am happy with the amount of pepper that comes out

  4. James

    The mill has a nice, clean design and looks great on the counter. We have not refilled it yet but hopefully we don’t run into any problems.

  5. Robin

    I am very pleased with precision grinding mechanism and is very easy to refill. Definitely worth buying

  6. Victoria

    The different ranges from fine to coarse grind are really large

  7. Noel

    I replaced my set of grinders that worked but always seemed to struggle. These work much better than my old set!

  8. Graham

    I have been using the refillable ceramic grinder for various spices for a few months now.It allows me to grind my spices fresh, which gives my dishes an extra depth of flavor.

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