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Chamomile Organic Tea

(7 customer reviews)

Chamomile Organic Tea

Chamomilla Recutita

  • The use of chamomile compresses perfectly copes with accelerating wound healing processes, and additionally has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Used as an anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic agent of the digestive system, also has an antiallergic effect
  • Chamomile tea, thanks to the flavonoid content, improves digestion and bile flow in the bile ducts



Chamommile tea

What is Chamomile Organic Tea?

Chamomile organic tea is one of the oldest herbs used in herbal medicine. It contains the most important ingredients, including essential oil rich in vitamins and minerals. The most valuable contents of these herbs also include flavonoids, antiallergic substances, phytosterols, spiroeter, catechin tannins, polyacetylenes, choline, coumarin and mucous compounds and mineral salts.

The content of chamomile organic tea can also be found on the labels of some cosmetic products. It is believed that these herbs have lightening properties. That is why they are an ideal ingredient for the care of blond hair as well as dull hair without gloss. Also, chamomile organic tea rinse perfectly nourishes the hair roots, preventing them from falling out.

Treatment Properties

  • Helps relieve histamine bursts
  • Antihistamine effect
  • Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Accelerates skin regeneration
  • Works well with any burns, ulcers and acne
  • Helps with constipation problems
  • Relaxes the smooth muscles of the digestive system
  • Fights dermatitis and mucous membrane problems
  • Effective against bacterial oral diseases
  • Prevents stomach hyperacidity and secretion of gastric juice

Its preparation is extremely simple, and it is best to use a dried plant. Just pour a measured portion of dried fruit into a glass, pour boiling water over it and keep covered for 10 minutes. To prepare the compress, simply brew the drought with boiling water and wrap it with gauze or cloth.

Paradoxically, chamomile organic tea can irritate the skin of people susceptible to any allergies. Even though it has anti-allergic chamazulene, special care should be taken when applying chamomile compresses. It is also not recommended to be used simultaneously with pharmaceutical drugs, because it has weakening or strengthening properties of some of them.

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Gastrointestinal System

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Bacterial, Viral, Parasitic Infections

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Osteoarticular and Muscular Systems


Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Chamomile Organic Tea

  1. Justine Al

    Having had trouble sleeping, for many many years, I can wholeheartedly recommend chamomile tea. It works!

  2. Megaroons

    brought this to help with sleep works well taste nice with a spoon of honey great price i will be getting more

  3. Helen

    Nice aroma! Mix with little bit of honey and you’re good to go…

  4. allison ramsey

    It’s the second bag I bought. Lasts forever and we use it for so many purposes! Tea, tincture, baby wipe solution, eye cleanser, nose drops…

  5. Terri

    This tea is hands down the best chamomile tea I have ever had

  6. Lori

    The quality and flavor of this tea are exceptional. The aroma is delightful, and the taste is smooth and gentle on the palate.

  7. Judy

    I love winding down with a cup of this goodness before bed.

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