Fenugreek Oil, Organic Seeds 100% Pure, Cold Pressed 100ml


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Fenugreek Oil from Organic Seeds, 100% Pure, Cold Pressed 100ml

Trigonella-Foenum Graecum

  • Will make your hair strong and shiny
  • The best natural way to enlarge your breasts
  • Regulates the level of sugar
  • Supples micronutrients deficiencies
  • Cold Pressed
  • Glass Bottle
  • 100% Natural and Pure

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Fenugreek Oil

Organic Cold Pressed

About the product

Fenugreek oil is known primarily for its protective properties on mucous membranes. All thanks to the content of mucus, which has a positive effect. The fenugreek seed oil has a beneficial effect on the digestive system – soothes its inflammation, soothes irritations, and has a diastolic effect.

Oil from this plant can be used in hair care in several ways. The most common one is the systematic rubbing into the cleansed scalp. The valuable ingredients contained in the oil have a positive effect on the condition of the bulbs and hair: they make them stronger and moisturize them. As a result, hair loss and breakage are significantly reduced, additionally they become moisturized, shiny and bouncy. Fenugreek oil can also be used as an additive to everyday care cosmetics – conditioner, hair mask or body lotion.The oil can also be used for the care of other parts of the body: the skin of the face, neck and breast, as well as nails and hands.
Fenugreek oil e.g properties:

  • Prevents flatulence and constipation
  • Has a calming and anaesthetic effect
  • Improves appetite
  • Has an anti-pruritic effect
  • Accelerates the healing of wounds, ulcers and herpes
  • Has a anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect
  • Antioxidant
  • Regenerates the skin
  • Relieves acute cough
  • Enhances the body overall immunity
  • Relaxes the smooth muscles of the digestive system

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Fenugreek Oil  – for hair

Fenugreek oil  work so well in the care of hair. It contains a lot of valuable substances that strengthen the hair and significantly improve its condition and grow!. It is mainly magnesium, silicon, selenium, phospholipids and potassium. Taking fenugreek oil in the form of hari mask or rub etc. contributes significantly to the strengthening of the hair and its healthy appearance.

Fenugreek Oil  – for breast

Breast massage with fenugreek oil has a significant impact on their appearance and size of your natural breast. This method is known from ancient times.Regularly rubbing fenugreek oil in the breast strengthens, firms and tones the skin, making the bust fuller and lifted, making it look bigger. Buttocks massages with fenugreek oil bring similar effects. The buttock becomes healthily taut and firmer, the skin looks healthier, and the buttocks rise, which gives the figure a new look! Read article about: How to make your breast big naturally with herbs and fenugreek oil.

How to use it?


Externally, it can be used as a natural cosmetic for hair and scalp care. Perfectly moisturizes strands, and also nourishes and strengthens the bulbs, thanks to which it inhibits hair loss.

It can also be used as an independent care product for the whole body. Perfectly moisturizes, as well as firms and smoothes. A few drops of fenugreek seed oil can also be added to a serving of cream or lotion.


Fenugreek has essentially no contraindications. Pregnant women should not reach for it in oral forms.

The maximum daily dose of  this oil is 35 drops.
We shouldn’t goes beyond that or be treated more than a week,  without consulting a doctor first.

Effective combination

To increase the effectiveness of fenugreek oil consumption we strogly recommend  supporting heart protection, normalizing blood pressure and is indicated in the states of irritability, excessive excitability or insomnia with Hawthorn Blossom.

Additional information
Weight 260 g



Recommended for cold usage

Production method

Cold pressed

Energy value per 100ml

3404kJ / 814 kcal

Fat content in 100ml


Carbohydrate content in 100ml


Fiber content in 100ml


Protein content in 100ml


Salt content in 100ml


Reviews (6)

6 reviews for Fenugreek Oil, Organic Seeds 100% Pure, Cold Pressed 100ml

  1. Peter

    My Receding harline are gone! I fk love it!
    My beard grown like never before too, thats amazing oil, jesus!

  2. Megan

    I like this oil smells like the real seeds I’ve been using it and so far so good . I recommend this brand

  3. Sophie

    Love it. Arrived on time. Hopefully helps my hair grow !

  4. Susan

    I have been using this oil for a few weeks now on two bare spots on my hairline. To my amazement those bare spots are now filled with hair! I am so happy I will be a customer for life. All I did was massage 1 drop of this oil into each spot every night.

  5. Andy

    Fast delivery. I use turmeric capsules every day, so I thought I would add the oil to my daily regimen. Mix with coconut oil and rub on stiff joints or sore muscles. Great anti inflammatory.

  6. Mark

    There is noooothing like clove to disinfect a wound in the mouth. This is great for abscesses, for recently extracted teeth, and other tooth problems. This oil disinfects, and is incredibly powerful. It also is a strong anesthetic.

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