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Mixture of Herbs that kills Helicobacter Pylori Bacteria

H Pylori Treatment Tea

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  • Best Selling Product 2018-2021
  • Effectiveness in killing H. Pylori bacteria confirmed at the Medical University of Lublin.
  • 100% natural organic product
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Effectiveness confirmed at the Medical University of Lublin. Your body will become healthier and cured of H.Pylori bacteria.


50% of the world’s population has helicobacter pylori in their bodies - an infection of this bacteria can lead to stomach cancer.

source: NCBI


Unique composition designed by our laboratory team and refined for several years now have 99,8% efficiency

Take a peek at helicobacter pylori

What is h pylori?

Helicobacter pylori is a type of bacteria. It can enter your body and live in your digestive tract. After many years, they can cause sores, called ulcers, in the lining of your stomach or the upper part of your small intestine. For some people, an infection can lead to stomach cancer. Infection with H. pylori is common. About 50% of the world’s population has it in their bodies.

Many people get H. pylori during childhood, but adults can get it, too. The germs live in the body for years before symptoms start, but most people who have them will never get ulcers. Doctors aren’t sure why only some people get ulcers after an infection. Ulcers can bleed into your stomach or intestines, which can be dangerous to your health.

You can get H. pylori from food, water, or utensils. It’s more common in countries or communities that lack clean water or good sewage systems. You can also pick up the bacteria through contact with the saliva or other body fluids of infected people.

When signs or symptoms do occur with H. pylori infection, they may include:

  • An ache or burning pain in your abdomen
  • Abdominal pain that's worse when your stomach is empty
  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Frequent burping
  • Bloating
  • Unintentional weight loss

It was estimated, that there are approximately 1,240,000 new infections of Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) each year, in the United States.

The best treatment for H pylori

H pylori tea

H Pylori Treatment Tea is a patented medicinal product against helicobacter pylori. Its effectiveness in killing bacteria has been confirmed by the scientific team of the Medical University of Lublin. The composition of our H Pylori Treatment Tea combines all the benefits directly resulting from the presence of herbs such as purple coneflower, chamomile and peppermint.

Can herbs help?

Herbs are the most undervalued cure in the world. We use them on from fever to cancer. We know what we consume with no additional ingredients. We know it's working and how it's created. It grows in a clearing, in the forest. But, it's still only approved by traditional Chinese medicine and we have to agree, Chinese people are always healthy and look younger.
So, for now, we have to learn about herbs and how to use them by ourselves. That's why we hired the best herbalist in our country to harvest wild-growing hand-picked herbs and these which we planted on our own.

Our next step was to combine herbs to help the immune system, fight bacterias, viruses, all of them. We made tea to reduce cholesterol, improve the work of the liver, heart, etc. But the most we focused on helicobacter pylori bacteria. A lot of people compare this to lactose or gluten intolerance but it's much worst than that. Getting rid of some kinds of food from your diet won't kill it for good. So, we tried a mixture of herbs and we tested them all in labs, and finally, we created a cure for h pylori.

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What is in this tea? 

Hand-picked, organic herbs, no additional components




Mentha × piperita

Purple Coneflower

Echinacea purpurea



Studies on this tea - Pharmacy & Medical Sciences

Other research on these herbs from NCBI

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  2. Overview of the phytomedicine approaches against Helicobacter pylori
  3. In – Vitro activity of Desmostachya bipinnata (L.) Stapf successive extracts against Helicobacter pylori clinical isolates
  4. Exploring alternative treatments for Helicobacter pylori infection
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We are aware that all kinds of medicine or herbs can affect people differently. Since 2019 when we made this tea, we received only positive feedback and zero complaints or dissatisfaction. We would like to share your opinions about this cure! 

Customer comments on Helicobacter Pylori Tea

My partner bought it for me, and I must say after the second day of using it I’ve felt so much better. Would definitely recommend it to all people who struggle with H. Pylori bacteria.

Works well for me!
Thank you so much.
Iwan Thomas and Mia.

Mia (verified owner) / 14 July 2021

Thank you. I have been taking these herbs since December, the level of bacteria in my body has decreased five times. Is there a possibility to subscribe for a product?

Rebecca M. / 15 April 2020

This herbal tea finally brought me relief. I have been struggling with stomach problems for 3 years. Thank you.

Scarlett / 15 December 2019

Definitely worth buying! I’m ordering another one

Kyle / 12 July 2020

Working good for me and I will buy it again. Thx

Ahmir / 29 January 2020

My problems seems to be solved 🙂 THANKS


Gusty Dow / 7 December 2019

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H Pylori Treatment Tea


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