Lungwort Organic 25g


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Lungwort Organic

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What is lungwort organic?

Lungwort is a plant with diuretic, detoxifying  properties. Binds toxins in the body, which then makes it easier to excrete from the body in the urine. Its diuretic properties can support the body in the course of bladder diseases and even with kidney stones.

However, one of the most popular uses is to drinking it for problems with the patency of the respiratory system, lung diseases and temporary breathing difficulties.

Treatment Properties

  • lungwort conatins:
    • vitamins (from group B and vitamins A, C and E), 
    • antioxidant flavonoids,
    • tannins with an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory function,
    • allantonine, which moisturizes, soothes and helps in cell regeneration,
    • rosmarinic acid with proven anti-cancer properties.
    • mineral compounds (mainly silica),
    • saponin,
    • anthocyanins
  • lungwort can be a healthy dietary supplement even in the case of more serious respiratory diseases such as inflammation, fibrosis and emphysema, pneumoconiosis, asthma and even tuberculosis.
  • facilitates expectoration,
  • regenerates the mucosa of the respiratory tract,
  • moisturizes the epithelium.

Two tablespoons of dried lungwort(pulmonaria) should be poured with two glasses of (lukewarm) water and boiled for about 10 minutes, covered. Then the decoction should be put aside for a few minutes.The decoction is drunk in the amount of 75-150 ml (up to just over half a glass) per serving Drink 2-3 times a day.

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