Mugwort 50g

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In traditional Chinese medicine, mugwort was used to fight fever, and the smoke from burning herbs reportedly healed asthmatics.

  • It improves the appetite and facilitates the absorption of food (therefore it is especially recommended for children)
  • It is used for meat dishes, cabbage and mushroom dishes


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Mugwort herb is mainly used in ailments of the digestive system; for flatulence, acidity, intestinal colic, catarrh and abdominal pain.
Pregnancy poisoning was treated with small amounts of decoctions (larger amounts of decoctions cause miscarriages)
The essential oil obtained from Artemisia vulgaris is used to flavor soaps, dishwashing liquids and washing powders.
The herb hung in the stable repels the gadfly, and when put in a doghouse, it scares away fleas. The roasted herb also acts as a deterrent against mosquitoes

How to use:

Pour one teaspoon of the herb with one cup of boiling water (150ml). Infuse under a cover for 5 minutes.
Strain, drink once a day.

It is recommended to be used in a herbal mixture with yarrow, chamomile, basil and marjoram.

It is used for meat dishes, cabbage and mushroom dishes, as well as vegetable and onion soup.
You can also use it to season scrambled eggs or an omelette, in the amount of one teaspoon of chopped leaves for several eggs.
It can be used in salads in small amounts, and in larger amounts it is poisonous


100% mugwort herb


Mugwort should not be used by pregnant and lactating women, children under 12 years of age, people allergic to mugwort herb and other plants of the Comopsitae / Asteraceae family and people with gastrointestinal bleeding, severely weakened, with appendicitis or hemorrhoids
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