Nettle tea – 100% Dried Organic Leaf 1.76 oz (50g)

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Dried Nettle Tea

Urtica Dioica

  • Nettle leaf tea also has diuretic properties, therefore it increases the amount of urea excreted from the body and is recommended for people suffering from kidney stones
  • Has a positive effect on hair and nails due to the high content of vitamins B1, C, E, and K, as well as phosphorus, manganese, silicon or calcium, which are also extremely needed for the whole body to function well and have high immunity
  • Nettle tea is also the richest natural source of iron, which is predestined for use by women during pregnancy or menopause

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Nettle tea

What is nettle tea?

Nettle tea has a high content of vitamins A, K, B2 and C. What’s more – the composition can also find a lot of valuable minerals such as magnesium and calcium. There are also organic acids and phytosterols. It is also worth noting that nettle is the richest natural source of iron, which means that it is recommended especially to women during periods of increased bodywork, such as pregnancy and menopause.

The most popular use of nettle tea is to make an infusion of it. Syrups are also more and more often prepared from it, whose task is to support the treatment of colds. Also, they strengthen the body’s overall immunity. It can also be found in the ingredients of many cosmetic products, including those intended for hair care and to fight itching and dandruff. Nettle is also used during bathing because it provides proper nutrition for the skin.

Treatment Properties

  • Strengthen the body’s overall immunity
  • Diuretic effect
  • Excellent for any problems with the urinary tract
  • Improves concentration
  • Ensures the right level of body resistance
  • Helps people struggling with acne skin problems
  • Provides detoxification effects
  • Supporting the production of milk in freshly baked mothers
  • Accelerates the elimination of any swelling
  • Counteracting iron deficiency

Just pour a 1-2 teaspoons of herbs into the pot, pour cold water and then bring to a boil. Then cover the dish and cook for 5 minutes. After completing this operation, the brew should be held for another 10 minutes.

So far, no specific contraindications to the use of nettle tea have been detected. One exception is people struggling with problems of kidney failure, who may be overloaded due to the diuretic properties of these plants. It is also not recommended for people with diabetes to take it.

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8 reviews for Nettle tea – 100% Dried Organic Leaf 1.76 oz (50g)

  1. Paul


  2. PeteD

    Using to reduce Mast cell and histamine issues by making 8-12hr infusions, it’s helping to an extent 🙂

  3. Elle M

    Lovely fresh smelling dried nettle, makes really strong, black tea, full of iron.

  4. Tricia

    I love nettle tea and was very pleased with this product. The produce is of great quality and has a good scent. Definitely buying it again.

  5. Dorota

    Great quality and value.

  6. Jean Th

    Healthy for the body but also delicious. I didn’t think it would taste so good.

  7. Donna

    I recently tried Nettle tea from this company and was blown away by the quality of the product. As someone who has tried Nettle tea from other vendors in the past, I can confidently say that this is one of the best I have come across.

  8. Ritta

    It’s packed with vitamins and minerals that help to reduce inflammation and clear up my complexion.

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