Nigella Seeds 3.5oz (100g)

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Nigella seeds

  • Nigella seeds has anti-inflammatory and immunity enhancing properties.
  • Helps with colds, cold and sinusitis.
  • 100% natural organic product


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Niggella seeds

What is nigella seeds?

Nigella are very useful in the prevention of diseases. So it is worth using them systematically in the kitchen, and not only when it is already needed. Its regular intake (in the form of spices or oil) strengthens the body natural defence. Black cumin and its valuable ingredients are a useful complement to any diet.

Nigella seeds will help prevent diseases such as cancer, diabetes and allergies. With regular use, it will support our organisms in defending against viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, as well as various types of toxins.

Nigella seeds give expressiveness to dishes with a delicate taste, such as lamb or chicken. Also, they go very well with salads and marinades, but also with different types of bread or cottage cheese. Because black cumin does not irritate his mucosa, it can appear as a substitute for pepper in the kitchen for people who have a sensitive stomach.

Treatment properties

  • prevention of diseases
  • reduces oxidative stress
  • supports the children against worms
  • reduces cortisol and adrenaline levels
  • reduces the chance of having a stroke or heart attack
  • use as a spice and medicinal herb
  • strengthens the body’s natural defences
  • black seed eliminates the symptoms of colds, dilates the bronchi, and improves the efficiency of the lungs. In addition,
  • it facilitates expectoration, heals a runny nose and sinuses. It also has a strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.
  • gives expressiveness to dishes with a delicate taste
  • homemade bread, breads and rolls
  • white cheeses, yoghurts and cottage cheese
  • meats such as mutton, lamb, game and poultry
  • various breadcrumbs
  • vegetable dishes, especially those with cabbage and zucchini
  • omelettes, egg pastes and scrambled eggs

We should store it in tight, closed packages. It is because of this point that each of our spice packaging has a zipper for easy closing and opening.
When dealing with black cumin oil you can find here. Remember that it can only be used cold! Under no circumstances is it subjected to heat treatment.

Nigella seeds are most often used as a spice. Its delicate, sweet and herbal scent acquires intensity under the influence of temperature in a pan or pot. The seeds taste bitter, earthy and oily.

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Bacterial, Viral, Parasitic Infections

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Respiratory System


Cardiovascular System


Body Detox



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9 reviews for Nigella Seeds 3.5oz (100g)

  1. Andrew

    I recently discovered Nigella Seeds and I am so glad I did!
    I’ve been using it in my bread dough, curries and stews and it adds a nice depth of flavor.

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