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Red Clover Flower – chopped (0.89 oz)

Red clover flower

Trifolii rubri flos

Most know properties of this plant:

  • may help with hot flashes and excessive sweating
  • might help to improve sleep problems and irritability
  • can increase in libido
  • may counteract against joint pain and headache

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Red Clover Flower

What is red clover flower?

Red clover – (Latin. Trifolium pratense L). Red clover flower blooms from May to September, and in Poland it occurs naturally in meadows, roads, fields and light forests. Our raw material is collected by experienced herb pickers. Clover is known as a typical herb for the fair sex. It helps in the treatment of androgenic acne in women, relieves the symptoms of premenstrual tension and regulates menstruation. The clover herb and flower are a treasury of amino acids, proteins, vitamins and mineral salts, in a form that is easily digestible for humans.

Treatment Properties

  • might predominatly inhibit excessive menstrual bleeding,
  • may seal & strenghten blood vessels
  • can alleviate the symptoms of menopause,
  • contains saponins, phytosterols and tannins
  • contains isoflavones belonging to flavonoids group.

Menopause and Red Clover Flower

It is thanks to the content of isoflavones that red clover may alleviates the most troublesome symptoms of menopause, such as:

  • hot flashes and excessive sweating
  • sleep problems and irritability
  • decrease in libido
  • joint pain and headache
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