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Romeo and Juliet Organic Tea 1.4oz

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Romeo and Juliet Organic Tea

Romeo and Juliet tea is a unique duo based on organic ingredients.

  • Product with organic certificate

Julia tea is a delicate combination of rose, marigold petals, lemon verbena and chamomile that helps you relax. The whole is complemented by a note of precious saffron, which supports well-being and improves mood.

Romeo tea is a well thought-out composition of aromatic sage, oregano and mountain tea, a plant known and used in ancient times. It has been enriched with ginseng root, which helps overcome stress, fatigue and improves concentration.

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Romeo and Juliet Organic Tea

Product with Organic Certificate

Romeo and Juliet Organic Tea:
  •  Soothes nerves and helps you relax – mainly thanks to saffron;
  •  Ensures vitality – thanks to the content of ginseng;
  •  Helps the body fight inflammation, fungal infections and bacteria – this is due to sage, calendula and saffron.

Treatment Properties

The mixture of Romeo and Juliet Organic Tea is a wealth of pure, natural herbs with exceptional taste and health properties. Each sip of infusion benefits the body and soul. This action includes:

  •  Anti-inflammatory and astringent – thanks to sage and saffron. Sage is a plant-rich primarily in tannins, organic acids, and vitamins and minerals;
  •  Diastolic and cholagogue – this is how calendula works. In addition, it also perfectly soothes any inflammation, both inside the mouth and mucous membranes, and externally, applied to the skin;
  •  Improving the body’s performance, both mentally and physically – thanks to ginseng, one of the most well-known natural mild stimulants;
  •  Soothing headaches – thanks to, among others, lemon verbena. This plant also works well as a natural remedy for infections of the upper respiratory tract, including sinus;
  •  Improving digestion – also thanks to, among others, verbena, but also sage and saffron, as well as:
    •  soothing nerves and ensuring healthy sleep,
    •  diaphoretic;
    •  antipyretics;
    •  strengthening the immune system.

How to use it?


Both Romeo and Juliet tea are recommended to be consumed twice a day. A teaspoon of the mixture should be poured with a glass of boiling water and brewed covered for 10-15 minutes. Beneficial health properties are obtained by drinking the brew regularly at the recommended doses. It is not recommended to exceed the daily recommended norm for consumption.Teas can be drunk both for pleasure and used as an element of prevention. Drinking herbal infusions with anti-inflammatory, soothing and strengthening properties is recommended for both healthy people and those suffering from various diseases. In the latter case, it is absolutely necessary to consult a doctor or pharmacist before consumption.


Herbal infusions should not be consumed without medical consultation if serious or chronic diseases are diagnosed or suspected, or when medicines are taken permanently. Herbs can interfere (strengthen or weaken) their action, as well as interact with them.Due to the content of saffron, it is not recommended to consume tea by pregnant women, as well as small children.

Additional information
Weight 40 g


Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Romeo and Juliet Organic Tea 1.4oz

  1. Juliet

    If you have own Juliet, you should be like Romeo 😀 This herbal tea will help you be romantic 😀

  2. Ozzy

    Sending this as a birthday gift. It’s very pretty and just the right size.

  3. Ozzy

    I’ve bought one pack for my girlfriend. It was a mystic experience… mmm

  4. Rebecca

    Very tasty. I love it!

  5. Roxy

    I absolutely love the unique name and beautiful packaging of Romeo and Juliet Organic Tea!

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