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Rose Petals Organic Certified, 0.7oz (20g)

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Rose petals

Petalae rosea

  • Product with organic certificate

According to the herbal literature, rose petals contain many rare and precious elements and mineral compounds, flavonoids, essential oils, carotene and vitamins. They can be used for refining any kind of tea, beverage, dessert. It can also be consumed as a tea itself. Added to a bath, it improves the condition of the skin, makes it flexible and firm, eliminates skin irritation and inflammation.

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Rose Tea Organic

What is rose petals organic?

Dried rose petals are most often used in the preparation of tea. They have a pleasant, slightly acidic taste, which results from the high content of vitamin C. Thanks to this, it supports immunity, and thanks to its soothing properties, it reduces menstrual pain and diarrhea symptoms.

Treatment Properties

  • rose petals contain flavonoids and anthocyanins
  • it shows anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and detoxifying effect
  • rich in vitamin C.
  • also, contains vitamins A, B1, B2, K, E.

What can you do from rose petals?

rose oil – can be used for massage, as an ingredient in soaps, perfumes or other cosmetics;
rose water – is an excellent, delicate face tonic;
rose petal jam – has an amazing taste;
infusion of rose petals – thanks to its soothing and antiseptic properties, it effectively fights a sore throat;
rose petal tea – relieves menstrual pain and symptoms of diarrhea;
fragrance pouches – dried rose petals give a delicate scent and are perfect as a fragrance sachet in a wardrobe with clothes;
addition to dishes – edible rose petals can be used as a decoration for salads or other dishes.

Rose petals tea:
It is enough to put a teaspoon of dried fruit into a glass and pour boiling water over it. The tea should be brewed, covered, for about 10 minutes and the infusion is ready for consumption.

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Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Rose Petals Organic Certified, 0.7oz (20g)

  1. Sally

    ideally for my hand made soaps 🙂

  2. Linda

    I chose to order this Rose Petals product because of its certification.

  3. Margaret R

    I love the versatility of Rose Petals Organic. I use it in my tea, bath, and beauty routine and it has a positive impact on my wellness. <3

  4. Svetlana

    It helps to hydrate and soothe my skin and leaves it looking radiant.

  5. Tracy

    I am so happy with my purchase of the Rose Petals!

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