Rosemary tea 2.8 oz

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Rosemary Tea


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Rosemary tea a carefully selected composition of the highest quality organic fruit and herbs. Rosemary and oregano support digestion. Rosemary also helps strengthen the body and adds energy, and also, like rose, supports the immune system and contains naturally occurring antioxidants.

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Rosemary Tea

Product with Organic Certificate

About the product

About the product

Organic rosemary tea is a carefully selected herbs from the cleanest, organic crops. Thanks to this, you receive a completely natural product, clean and full of priceless properties and taste qualities. Nothing may take care of your health and well-being better than nature itself. Rosemary tea with the addition of rose fruit, oregano, lemon peel and lemongrass is a composition of health and taste that will work all year round!

There is no need to improve what is perfect – and these are the gifts of nature. That is why in the packaging you will find an organic, clean mixture of herbs based on rosemary. Rosemary tea is an effective and well-known way that may help digest digestion. It also may has antibacterial and antiviral effects. Rosemary also copes well with mushrooms. In addition, this herb may has a positive effect on the immune system, normalizes blood pressure and reduces blood sugar.

Treatment Properties

Rosemary has been known for years as one of the spices that not only have excellent taste qualities but also may help digestion. For this reason, it is very commonly used to enhance the taste of meats. This herb:

  • may relieves stomach aches;
  • may has a positive effect on the work and condition of the liver;
  • may supports digestion;
  • may adds energy;
  • may strengthens the body.

It is also worth knowing that rosemary tea may has a positive effect not only on the digestive system. It also may has a soothing and strengthening effect on the respiratory and nervous systems. Regularly drinking rosemary tea may helps strengthen the body’s natural immunity. Consuming rosemary tea during illness may helps you recover much faster. Rosemary contains salicylic acid, which may works great as a soothing agent for joint pain and rheumatic.

This plant also may strengthens the hair roots, thanks to which it anchors them and thus prevents hair loss. Rosemary may also acts as an auxiliary agent to reduce cellulite symptoms.

How to use it?


The recommended dose is 2 glasses a day. A teaspoon of tea should be poured with a glass of boiling water, and then brewed covered for 10-15 minutes.


As with other herbs, before consuming rosemary, make sure you are not allergic to either it or any of the other ingredients. If you have any further questions, ask your doctor or pharmacist. It is not recommended to consume herbal mixtures when permanently taking medications for chronic diseases. Particular caution should also be taken by pregnant and lactating women.

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Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Rosemary tea 2.8 oz

  1. Jan

    It has a unique and refreshing taste.

  2. Katrina

    I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor of this Rosemary tea.

  3. Kate

    The packaging of this Rosemary tea is just beautiful! It would make a great gift for any tea lover.

  4. Maria

    I was gifted this Rosemary tea and I’m so glad I was! The aroma alone is worth trying it for.

  5. Olga

    This is the great tea has many benefits, I love it.

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Rosemary tea
Rosemary tea 2.8 oz

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