Sambucus Nigra Elderberry Tea 100% Pure Organic 50g


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Sambucus Nigra Elderberry Tea

Sambucus Nigra

  • 100% natural organic product
  • Bath with the addition of elderberry blossoms has a very positive effect on the skin
  • Elderberry tea is a great addition to the care of capillaries, as well as acne and breakouts, in short

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Sambucus Nigra Elderberry Tea

Sambucus Nigra

About the product

Black elderberry (Sambucus nigra) is a common shrub, occurring all over Poland, whose height can reach up to 10 m. Most often from mid-May, it owes its characteristic white appearance to beautiful white blossoms gathered in magnificent canopies. Violet-black, fleshy fruits form from the blossoms. The medicinal and culinary properties of this plant have been known for years and apply to both blossoms and fruit.

Sambucus Nigra is rich in flavonoids and quercetin. Also, they are a valuable raw material containing essential oils. The medicinal substances that are responsible for the healing properties of elderberry blossoms include, among others phytosterols, triterpenes, phenolic acids, tannins, pectins and locks.

Black elderberry also contains large amounts of mineral salts (in particular potassium and magnesium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus and zinc) and vitamins: group B and vitamin C.

Treatment Properties

  • Remedy for respiratory infections, colds, fever and cough
  • Treat colds, fever and cough
  • Lower body temperature, and expectorant
  • Increase sweating
  • Helping to get rid of secretions when wet coughing
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Anti-inflammatory and sanitizing effect on mucous membranes
  • Soothes skin irritations
  • Brightens discolourations
  • Disinfectant and anti-swelling effects

How to use it?


A great idea is to use an infusion of elderberry blossoms for bathing. A bath with such an additive has a very positive effect on the skin: it soothes irritations, brightens discolourations, has anti-inflammatory, disinfectant and anti-swelling effects. A similar application also has an infusion on milk, and for care add some honey to such a bath – it will moisturize, nourish and smooth the skin, notwithstanding the relaxing effect of such a beautifully scented bath

Use for drink

An infusion of elderberry blossoms is a great addition to the care of capillaries, as well as acne and breakouts, in short, demanding skin. To prepare an infusion, you need 1 tablespoon 2-3 times a day, pour a glass of hot water, infuse covered for 5 – 8 minutes

Additional information
Weight 50 g




Bacterial, Viral, Parasitic Infections

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Respiratory System

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Gastrointestinal System


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5 reviews for Sambucus Nigra Elderberry Tea 100% Pure Organic 50g

  1. susie

    The tea has the most delightful flavour and is one of my all time favourites – what more can I say?

  2. Alice Anagram

    I will definitely buy again.

  3. Jennifer Lawrence

    Great natural porduct, doing what it is supposed to do for my health, organic a major plus as no nasties, no synthetic artificial anything, so very pleased.

  4. Neil

    Delicious a day refreshing tea…

  5. Dawn Davis

    I bought this product because it was organic as I don’t want to drink any unnecessary chemicals.

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