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Tea on a Stick – Collection Organic 8×3.4g 0.95oz (27g)

(5 customer reviews)

Collection Organic

Tea on a Stick

  • 100% natural organic product

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Tea on a Stick – Collection

Pour one bunch of herbs on a stick with boiling water (0.3 – 0.5l) and leave to infuse for about 10-15 minutes.

Wild Forest Tea

Ingredients: birch leaf *, bison grass *, lingonberry leaf *, wild strawberry leaf *, pine shoots *, heather inflorescence *.
* organic farming product

Wild Herbs Tea

Ingredients: yarrow inflorescence *, St. John’s wort inflorescence *, oregano inflorescence *, thyme herb *.
* organic farming product

Mountain Tea and Cistus

Ingredients: inflorescence *, cistus herb *.
* organic farming product

Butterfly Meadow Tea

Ingredients: Inflorescence inflorescence *, basket chamomile *, catnip *, inflorescence restorer *, hyssop inflorescence *.
* organic farming product

Mint Refreshment Tea

Ingredients: wild mint * catnip *.

Cleansing Tea

Ingredients: nettle leaf *, elderberry flower *, horsetail herb *, wild strawberry leaf *, heather flower *.
* organic farming product

Herb Garden Tea

Ingredients: sage leaf *, oregano inflorescence *, mountain tea inflorescence *, mint leaf *.
* organic farming product

Relax Tea

Ingredients: lavender inflorescence *, lemon balm leaf *, heather flower *, hawthorn inflorescence *.
* organic farming product

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Weight 27 g


Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Tea on a Stick – Collection Organic 8×3.4g 0.95oz (27g)

  1. Fione

    Excellent stuff. Taste and design are really nice – ideal gift for someone special.

  2. Alison

    Oh man. .. These things are seriously amazing.

  3. John

    The quality is top-notch!

  4. Sue

    The flavors are diverse and delicious, and the sticks make brewing a breeze.

  5. Emily

    Tea on a Stick’s Organic Collection makes for a perfect gift! The presentation is stunning, and the flavors are simply delightful. It’s a unique and impressive gift that any tea enthusiast would absolutely adore. It looks incredibly impressive and tastes even better!

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