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Vanilla Bean Organic 0.11oz



  • may shows antioxidant.properties
  • may shows anticancer properties
  • may shows anti-inflammatory properties
  • Product with organic certificate

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What is vanilla bean?

The homeland of flat-leaved vanilla, i.e. the one that is used for food purposes, is Central America. The plant belongs to the orchid family. Its fruits are popularly known as “vanilla sticks”.


The vanilla fruit is harvested when fully ripe – then it is dark green and does not smell. They acquire a strong, sweet aroma only after a special treatment, which involves alternating “sweating” and drying the pods.
This process takes about 6 months and is completed when the pods are black with a whitish coating of naturally occurring vanillin on the scales. It is this substance (along with two others) that is responsible for the smell of vanilla. The more pods there are, the higher the quality of the sticks.

Pour about 200-250 ml of 40% alcohol into the bottle (it does not have to be top-shelf alcohol) and put in two or three vanilla pods (you can use those that are left after taking the beans out). Put the bottle in a dark place for about 2 months. End!! That’s all!

The vanilla flowers are greenish-yellow in color. Fruits are green, the pod is shaped like a seed bag. Harvested and dried, properly prepared, they take a dark brown color.

You can get vanilla in a pot in garden stores. In order for it to grow properly, we need to provide it with moisture and warmth, but so that the sun’s rays do not fall directly on the plant. When buying this plant, make sure that the flowers are in buds and that the leaves are green in color and do not show signs of disease.

We can buy vanilla bean on our site herbsofthesaints.com. Vanilla bean can be bought also in almost every shop such as walmart, tesco amazon etc.

vanilla bean organic properties:

  • may affects the heart muscle – regulates the heart rate,
  • may has a stimulating effect – it will help tired, exhausted and apathetic people,
  • may has soothing properties – it soothes and puts you to sleep (you can sprinkle vanilla oil on bedding),
  • may has a relaxing effect on smooth muscles, e.g. in the digestive tract,
  • may regulates the secretion of digestive enzymes,
  • may relieves pain symptoms in rheumatoid and degenerative changes
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Grated vanilla bean we can add to coffee, cakes, and what ever we think it’s flavoured suits to. Also we can make vanilla extract that we explained above in FAQ

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