Yarrow Organic Herb 1.76oz


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Yarrow Organic Herb

  • yarrow is most know from remarkable properties to reduce internal and external bleeding,
  • anti-inflammatory
  • antiseptic,
  • antihaemorrhagic,
  • carminative,
  • and more
  • Product with organic certificate

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What is Yarrow organic herb?

Yarrow is a famous medicinal plant. The herbal raw material is dried yarrow inflorescences and yarrow herb collected during the flowering period and dried in a shaded and airy place. Yarrow infusion has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, stimulates digestion, improves the absorption of many nutrients, and also regulates intestinal peristalsis, which is why in natural medicine it is most often used in diseases related to the digestive system.

Treatment Properties

  • yarrow is most know from remarkable properties to reduce internal and external bleeding,
  • antibacterial,
  • cholagogic,
  • anti-inflammatory
  • antiseptic,
  • antihaemorrhagic,
  • carminative,
  • spasmolytic

Pour 1 teaspoon of herb with a glass of water, heat for 20 minutes. covered, not allowing boiling, or pour 1 teaspoon of herbs into a thermos, pour 1 cup of boiling water and leave for 20 minutes. Drink a decoction or infusion 1/4 1/2 cups 2-3 times a day or use for compresses and washes.

Due to the lack of current safety data on the use of yarrow herb in children and adolescents under 12 years of age, its use in this age group is not recommended. A similar situation occurs in the case of pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, so they should not reach for it without consulting a doctor first.

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